LGBTIQ+ Terms & definitions beginning with the letter T

Entries in the LGBTIQ+ Lexicon starting with ‘T’

  • Tammyfan*
  • Top
  • Tranny* – A disparaged term considered transphobic or insulting by many but occasionally used by some who are Trans as acceptable language or slang within queer spaces.
  • Trannychaser*
  • Trannyhawk*
  • Trans – Abbreviation for the Transgender umbrella terms and increasingly as a term itself.
  • Trans* – Used as an umbrella term for the 3 following terms and others but the use of the asterisk is now discouraged.
  • Transgender – Having and/or transitioning to a gender that is different to one’s birth-assigned gender
  • Transsexual – An older term for those undergoing SRS/GRS surgery to change their bodies to their gender identity
  • Transvestite – Typically someone who only dresses as female whilst being male-bodied.
  • Transadmirer
  • Transamorous
  • Transattracted
  • Transcatcher*
  • Transerotic
  • Transfan
  • Trans man – Somebody who transitions (socially, hormonally via Testosterone and/or surgically) to male identity and/or embodiment from a female birth assignment.
  • Transmasc/uline – Transmasculine people have a masculine expression but may not always identify as male, hence there can be transmasc non-binary people.
  • Transsensual
  • Trans woman – Preferred usage is Trans Woman not Transwoman as if they are a third class and not a Woman. Somebody who transitions (socially, hormonally via Oestrogen and/or surgically) to female identity and/or embodiment from a male birth assignment.
  • Travesti*

Some words may be non-English, culturally specific, anachronistic, explicit, or considered offensive to some, use with caution and see the full description, etymology, origins, spread of usage, meaning shift, insult vs reclamation, and application, under the term itself and/or ask a person who identifies with the terminology how they use it and what it means to them.

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