LGBTIQ+ Terms & definitions beginning with the letter N

Entries in the LGBTIQ+ Lexicon starting with ‘N’

  • Neuroqueer –┬áBeing neurodivergent and seeing that as an aspect of queering neurotypical and/or being both┬áneurodivergent and queer spectrum. See more.
  • Neutrois – having a neutral gender or lack of gender
  • Noetisexualattraction to mind, an alternative to the 1998 sapiosexual
  • Non-Binary – identifying as neither male nor female, the idea of a gender beyond M or F, a mixture of M and F, or a third gender or a non-gender. Often now considered an alternative or intermediate position for those transitioning from assigned/observed birth sex/gender

* Some words may be non-English, culturally specific, anachronistic, explicit, or considered offensive to some, use with caution and see the full description, etymology, origins, spread of usage, meaning shift, insult vs reclamation, and application, under the term itself and/or ask a person who identifies with the terminology how they use it and what it means to them.