LGBTIQ+ Terms & definitions beginning with the letter L

Entries in the LGBTIQ+ Lexicon starting with ‘L’

  • Ladyboy* – A Thai or SE Asian Transgender woman who typically still have male genitalia. Sometimes also called Kathoey*.
  • Lesbian – Attraction by women and female-identified persons towards women
  • Lhamana
  • Lithsexual – A ‘stone’ (typically Lesbian as in ‘stone butch’) sexuality where sexual activity may be expressed towards another but wants no reciprocation in return. Also called Akoisexual/Akoinesexual to avoid appropriation of Lesbian cultural nomenclature.
  • Lumbersexual

Some words may be non-English, culturally specific, anachronistic, explicit, or considered offensive to some, use with caution and see the full description, etymology, origins, spread of usage, meaning shift, insult vs reclamation, and application, under the term itself and/or ask a person who identifies with the terminology how they use it and what it means to them.

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