LGBTIQ+ Terms & definitions beginning with the letter G

Entries in the LGBTIQ+ Lexicon starting with ‘G’

  • Gay – Whilst sometimes used for gay men or gay women, and occasionally or broader queer spectrum sexualities and genders, it is increasingly reserved for Gay Homosexual men.
  • GenderBlind
  • GenderFluid – Fluctuating gender identity
  • GenderNonConforming
  • GenderQueer – Queering atypical genders, sometimes synonymous with Non-Binary.
  • GenderVariant
  • Graysexual/Greysexual – Having a sexuality that is on the spectrum between Asexual, Demisexual and Allosexual or even on to Hypersexual
  • Gynomorphic
  • Gynephile – Someone drawn and attracted to female-bodied or expressed partners

Some words may be non-English, culturally specific, anachronistic, explicit, or considered offensive to some, use with caution and see the full description, etymology, origins, spread of usage, meaning shift, insult vs reclamation, and application, under the term itself and/or ask a person who identifies with the terminology how they use it and what it means to them.

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